Friday, February 1, 2019

Other January Happenings!

There was an unusual visitor to Uvalde Texas this winter. A Rufous-back Robin. Usually seen in CA. and AZ in the winter months. It is native to Mexico. With Tilly doing better we took a few days and drove to Ulvade. It is a little south west of San Antonio. Unfortunately Galen could only get his picture looking into the morning sun. But he got to see it and it is a new life bird for him.

It was a beautiful spot along the Nueces River.  I can imagine the people who live on that particular dirt road are wondering why there is so much traffic!

But when there is an unusual sighting of a bird you are never alone!!! There was a couple from Fl who happened to be on a birding trip as well as a couple from Kansas.

While we were a way we had someone redo our deck. The Texas sun is brutal and the previous stain and sealer was in bad shape. So now it is stained and not sealed. Will be much easier to stain again in a couple of years.

That's it for January 2019!

What happened to January?

Here is February 1, 2019! Not sure how that happened! A lot of January was spent dealing with Tilly who had pneumonia. Never knew they could get it, but have discovered it is fairly common in dogs.Weekly visits to the vet for x-rays and lots of pills. Fortunately she is not as bad as Tiki when it comes to pills, but she wasn't happy about them either! About the beginning of the 3rd week she wasn't coughing near as much and was slowly returning to being Tilly!

By that point in time I felt like I could go upstairs and get back to sewing. I didn't before as I would have had to block off the steps to keep her downstairs. She likes to be with me and I didn't want her to overexert herself.

I had these blocks made in December but had not put them into a top. Got that done and it is back from my quilter Kerry.

I found a fat quarter pack of batiks and decided to use the pattern that came with it. The pattern has you make 18 blocks so there are 2 left over. However I am going to dig through my batiks and make 2 more so the quilt top will not be square.

Made 3 of these table runners to use for Chinese New Year. Fun fabrics! they are now all finished!

I did 2 with free motion quilting and one stitch in the ditch. 

Last on the sewing front I managed 4 of the last 5 blocks for the Kaffe Block of the month. The 5th is a little different.

So my block count for the month is 37. Better than I thought since I didn't get sewing until the middles of the January!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Life at the Stewart household!

Never knew dogs could get pneumonia. But Tilly is recovering from it. Vet appointment last Friday as she was not sounding good and certainly not herself. Those of you who know her, she is usually full of life.  Xrays and blood work pneumonia! She has been on antibiotics now and has finally turned the corner. Tomorrow is a follow up.

We have been spending our time with her, or at least on the first floor. Therefore no sewing for me but we did get the downstairs back to normal! Christmas has been put away for another year. It was time but things always look so bare for a few days!

Hoping that soon I can start working on the upstairs again once she is sounding better. She has her 12th birthday on Valentine's Day.

On a brighter note Tiki had a good yearly check up on Monday! The bright spot of the week!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Year's Day plus 1!

It has been a little while since I posted. Early December was my last entry!

December was a busy month, getting ready for the holidays, trying to get some sewing in and then we took off between Christmas and New Years. We went to Rockport for a few days hunting the Whooping Cranes and other migratory birds.

Galen left for 8 days 10-18. He and Greg Lasley took off for the Texas Panhandle, into Oklahoma for a few miles and covered a lot of territory in New Mexico searching for birds. Somewhere along the Texas/Oklahoma border is Galen's cell phone. First order of business when he got home. Get a new phone.

A few pictures of the inside ready for Christmas. My Snowmen go on the fireplace mantel

Our tree. Every year I say I need to make a new tree skirt. This one is probably 45 years old from  McCalls pattern

Decided this year to put a piece I bought in Thailand on the dining room table. We rarely eat there anyway!

My Santas go on the top of a cabinet in the living room

And there is the Penn State Tree on the left and the Texas Capital ornament and state & national parks tree on the right. My Mother's Nativity set on the table

Now to sewing! These blocks are not sewn together yet and will be changing the layout

My November Kaffe blocks

So my total block count for December is 40! If i figured right 661 for the year! Not as good as last year but as happy with it!

And here are 2 whooping Cranes. They are in this field every year.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What I hope to accomplish the first week of December 2018

I had this written and forgot to publish it! Guess I should add that to my get it done list!

1-I did get all the blocks for the Irish Chain Star quilt finished and they are sewn together into rows!

Sometime this week I plan on getting the rows sewn together. Border may have to wait for next week!

2-I also managed to sew a bunch of Kaffe blocks

This week have November's to sew. Mine come at the end of the month so always a month behind.

Did not get anything else on the sewing front done from last weeks list.

3-Adding this week-table runner and maybe placemats!

Cooking-yes to the chicken corn noodle soup. Made some was eaten and the rest in the freezer.

Need to get out the dehydrator and do up more chicken snacks for our girls.

4-need to finish with the Christmas decorations!

That is probably enough for the week!

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Good bye November 2018

As much as I have to admit it my parents were right-the older one gets the faster the time goes by or seems that way! Here we are the last month on 2018! Hard to believe!

November was a busy month for us. We took off on several day trips looking for birds that were migrating through our part of Texas. And deer season started the first Saturday of the month. On the weekends Galen joined his friend in Brady I was able to stay here and sew. That is always a plus. We did have a trip planned for Rockport the week after Thanksgiving but Galen has a chance to go with another friend in early December birding in the Texas Panhandle region. We changed the dates of our trip and this past week has been spent decorating for the Christmas holidays!

My sewing-finished all the blocks for the Irish Chain Stars. This is a picture of the first 5 rows on my design wall. Taken before anything was sewn together. there are 9 rows all in all. This was a block of the week posted by Debbie at Piecing the Past. This was a nice change of pace for me as lately I have been sewing with mostly fabrics from Kaffe. Totally different look!

Speaking of Kaffe I have all my blocks through October finished for the mystery. November's just arrived, they will be next.

All in all November was a fairly good month with time spent at my sewing machine. 91 blocks total-63 for the Irish Chain Stars and 28 in Kaffe blocks!

Monday, November 19, 2018

What I hope to get done the week of Nov.18, 2018

As you see I am now adding hope to get done, not plan to get done!

1. I did manage to get more blocks of the Double Irish Star finished. Good thing too, the final blocks and finishing came out today! I finished 5 thru 10 and 11 and 12 are started!

2. the Kaffe blocks are still waiting to be made

3 I still need to get busy on a baby quilt

4. Still need to get the binding on a small quilt that has been waiting for a few weeks!

Cooking: plans are the same

chicken corn noodle soup
cinnamon beef noodle soup

Not sure I even want to mention dealing with the upstairs but as I said that is an ongoing project!

There are no plans this week to take off for a day here and there. That happened last week. Ended up taking 2 days to go places. And I am certainly not going out to the black Friday sales except maybe the grocery store since they will be empty!

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