Monday, March 27, 2017

Design Wall Monday March 27, 2017

It has been 2 weeks since I last posted. It has been busy, but not much on the sewing front. As I have mentioned I am trying to sort, toss, find a place for a lot of sewing items. Among my discovery  was a plastic tote with the waste triangles from various snow ball block swaps and other projects.

This is approximately 400 such waste triangles that need to be trimmed and pressed. I know there is another container as well as a bag from a swap I was in a few years ago!

I did work on some crumb blocks. Have 15 made that 6.5 inches. Will put them away for a little while.

But over the weekend I did manage to get the binding on and finished on the last quilt. This is the bigger version of the one I showed last time. This one is set 5 x 6

We have been enjoying Mother Nature's flowers the past few weeks. We were able to take a drive over the past weekend towards San Saba. Later on this week will post pictures from our "flower trips"

So for now

Monday, March 13, 2017

Design Wall Monday-March 13, 2017

Back home in Round Rock. Had a great week in Rockport, TX last week but now it is back home and to reality! Left there in the rain Friday morning and brought it back with us. Rained almost all of Saturday. We stayed put yesterday but feeling somewhat better today.

I have 3 finishes to report. Hooray for me! Finished binding 2 quilts while away and the 3rd one yesterday.
Pineapple Blossom a Bonnie Hunter free pattern on her blog.

This one is from the NY eve mystery group on Yahoo. Waiting for my larger one  from my quilter friend

This one is Chevron Pattern using Kaffe fabrics

If you look at my blog you know Galen (DH) takes pictures of birds, butterflies and dragonflies.
Why we spent last week on the coast. And he goes out here a lot too. The camera is always in the car. We have Burrowing Owls that winter here near Lake Granger. They will be gone by the end of this month.  While some do stay, these guys seem to take off. Love these little guys. He took this picture on Saturday.

Hoping to get back to purging fabric and patterns etc this week. Have accumulated way to much over the years.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday in Rockport, TX 3/9/2017

This will be the last posting from Rockport for a while. It has been a fun few days. Galen has managed to get quite a few pictures and when back at the motel I have been able to sew bindings on 2 quilts and partially on the 3rd.
                                                   Quilt number 2

                      Before going out of Rockport we stopped at one of the viewing areas

                      Then we took 1069 out of Rockport until we came to Camp Velero Rd.
                                You can understand why this is a good area for wintering birds.

Tiki has also taken up bird watching!



                                                             MOTTLED DUCK


                                                      ROSEATE SPOONBILL

                                                       TRICOLORED HERON



Just to give you an idea of a field of 

Evening Primrose


                                                               BLUE -WINGED TEAL




These are taken from a Kayak put in spot on Port Bay Rd. Those white structures you see in the distance are on the other side of Swan lake and where we were on Tuesday. The aqua-cultural complex.

Got back to the room for a few hours before heading out for dinner. For dinner we took the recommendation of our friend and went to Paradise Keys. Another delicious meal.
                                                           SHRIMP SCAMPI

                                              VIEW FROM OUR TABLE ON THE PORCH

We were talking on the way there as far as weather this past week it was not great, Cloudy almost every day, a little rain but not much. But it was a good week.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday Happenings-Rockport, TX 3/8/2017

We goofed off this morning and didn't leave the motel very early. Headed into Rockport and stopped at the water's edge across from the Heron/Egret Rookery. Could not get really good pictures but maybe you will get the idea. The trees are all Live Oak and windswept. It is interesting to see what prevailing winds can do to trees


  Walking back to the car I saw Tiki looking to see where I was. She is not shy about getting into the front seat. 

We left Rockport and drove to Aransas Pass. Just before getting there we found a park along the water. Spent a good bit of time there looking at the various Gulls.












He was really putting on a show for us!


We started to drive to Port Aransas. the further we drove across the causeway the foggier it became. Not good for taking pictures so we turned around and headed back towards Rockport. Stopped for lunch

Before going back to the motel we stopped at the quilt store
Nice shop. Loved her models and looked like she had some fun classes. While I was inside browsing Galen found a few more things to photograph.



Since we had a big lunch-yes another crab cake with fries and onion rings we stayed in tonight and ate the salads I bought yesterday!  That gave the chance to finish the binding on one of the quilts I brought along to work on.

Pineapple Blossom by Bonnie Hunter
It is a scrap quilt I started early last year, put it aside when we started the remodel. Picked it up again early Fall. Had it quilted by my friend Kerry and now it is finished! 2 more to finish binding. One of those will be finished before we head home and hopefully will have started the last one before heading back to Round Rock.