Monday, September 18, 2017

Design Wall Monday-September 18,2017

Some sewing to report for last week. This project that I mentioned last week is getting closer to being a quilt top.

We were supposed to go to LA for a few days but that trip was canceled and instead we traveled in Texas. Went to Uvalde (W of San Antonio) and then north to Junction. I was able to get the background triangles cut and sewn on the strips. That was my project to work on while Galen was out walking and I didn't want to go along.

These pictures were taken at Cooks Slough outside of Uvalde. There was a nice bird watching pavilion that I had all to myself on a weekday.

It is an old landfill site and now part of it is the water treatment plant for the city. It is a beautiful area with lots of walking trails and of course the ponds.

While Galen was out walking I worked on my blocks. I kept hearing a bird so went to investigate. The Cactus Wren must have wanted his picture taken as he sat for me!

Galen did get some great pictures.

We had already made reservations for the girls at camp. Tried a new one in Round Rock. It is very nice and the girls said they would go back.

They sent us several pictures of the girls. Here is one

It was a nice few days away but good to get back, pick up our girls and sleep in our own bed! 

Monday, September 11, 2017


Between the 2 major hurricanes, Harvey and Irma and the 16th anniversary of 9/11 today it has been a sobering week. I know we all remember where we were 16 years ago today.

I did manage to get some sewing in this past week. Actually quite a bit. As I told you last Monday I made another Arkansas Crossroads quilt. Used Kona snow as the background and backing for this one. Sometimes it is nice to have fabric by the bolt!

I also showed you my next project-Candy Land a Villa Rosa design using a layer cake

I dropped these two off for my quilter this morning.

About Thursday after finishing up Candy Land I dug out a box that had 28 Courthouse Step blocks.
These were from a group I was a member of. And yes, they have aged-2005 was when they started sending them to me. We had all picked out a block that we wanted. I had picked out Courthouse Steps-scrappy and using black to tie them together. I needed to make 7 more so I could set them 5 x 7. Dug out my 1 1/2 inch strip box and went to work. Made the 7 and put them together. I still need to add borders but here it is so far.

It will be a nice size quilt when finished.

While digging through containers I also found one with blocks for BONNIE HUNTER'S STRING -X QUILT. Had made one a long time ago and guess I was planning on making another one! I am going to use this pale blue fossil fern as background.

                               These will also be going to QUILT OF COMPASSION

It is finally starting to feel a little like Fall in central Texas. Cool in the mornings and evenings and not too bad during the day. We have been spending more time outside listening and watching the birds. The Ruby Throat humming birds are migrating through here now. I think we have 5 feeders out in various places in the yard. Love watching them.

Dinner is in the crock pot so I can sew.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Design Wall Monday-September 4, 2017

Took it easy for the early part of the week and then kicked into high gear the end of the week! Decided to make another Arkansas Crossroads quilt since I still had everything out. It is a quick quilt and I was wanting that as this will eventually get sent to Quilts of Compassion and end up somewhere in south Texas. That top I finished yesterday. Have a bolt of Kona snow and that ended up being my background. This is the third Crossroads quilt and I don't see a dent in my container of  2 1/2 inch squares. I tell myself that is because they are fluffed up from pulling out squares. That sounds good to me. No picture yet, haven't pressed it. Getting tired of this pattern so will put it on hold for a while.

Am planning on getting more donation quilts made so I pulled out a Villa Rosa pattern a friend gave me called Candy Land. It uses a layer cake so I went through my stash of those and came up with a bright one. Should be nice a cheery for some one.
The layer cake is called Bahama Breeze.
It is a simple pattern and will got together quickly.

I have packed a box of 6 quilts from here for Quilts of Compassion. Hoping they will cheer a few people as they get their lives back after Harvey.

            2 Smaller quilts- Tam's Patch and a New Year's eve mystery quilt

                                                The first Arkansas Crossroads scrap quilt


Large New Year's eve mystery quilt

The second Arkansas Crossroads scrap quilt

Pineapple Blossom quilt
(Bonnie Hunter free pattern)

It wasn't all sewing. We finally found q new bird bath. We had been looking for one that had running water since we got rid of our fountain.
It did not take long for the birds to find it. We now have 4 in the back yard, but this is the only one with moving water. Between 4 baths and all the feeders you could say we are bird friendly! Put out more hummingbird feeders today as they are saying with all the destruction in SE Texas and that is the migration path of the Ruby Throat Hummingbirds they are going to need extra food and to also make it 3 to 1 instead of the usual 4 to 1.

Tomorrow is our 47th wedding anniversary. More than likely a normal day and dinner out!

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Monday, August 28, 2017


Hoping for a much drier week now and that Harvey goes elsewhere and is no more. Happy to be in the Austin area but feel really bad for everyone south and east of us. We ended up with a little over 6 inches of rain, minor when compared to others. Our coast has been decimated for now. it will take a long time for them to come back but they will never be the same.

I managed some sewing since I last posted. I am in a swap on a yahoo group and the blocks are due in September. Hooray, they are finished and finished early! Our theme was summer.

Last week I got my 2 Arkansas Crossroads quilts back from Kerry. With the rain this weekend I got them finished.
                         The sun was shining for a little while just now so got a quick picture of each

the bindings are also scrappy and the backing is the same on both.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Not much in the way of sewing last week. I did however pick up my Desert Sky quilt from my quilting friend Osie.  These are a few quick pictures I took then. Now I am sewing the binding and then will hang it on the wall in the family room. Have the perfect place for it!

Will take more pictures when completely finished. It was a fun class and I really like how Osie quilted it for me.  Looking at driveway work is not the most exciting thing!  Over to small quilts 

On Friday they started work on our drive way. We had the privilege of listening jack hammers Friday and part of Saturday. Felt bad for our neighbors especially on Saturday morning. But with temperatures in the high 90's and heat index in the triple digits they needed to get to work early. We kept a cooler with ice, water and Gatorade for them.

Thin wire for reinforcement was probably code when the driveway was put in in 1995. 

There was very little base if any in some areas. A little sand at the end of the drive

 Then in 2 spots it was either a better mix or much harder. They ended up drilling holes and when they bring in the bob cat they will get the rest broken up.
Not sure if they will be here today after all. The much needed rain is finally happening. So far a little over 2 inches since midnight! Will take it! It is supposed to stop around noon so they may be here after that.

Monday, July 31, 2017

July Sewing Update-7/31/2017

Seems I haven't been very good at keeping up with weekly postings!
July did not start out very well for me. Managed to get a bug that lasted for about a week and then took almost as long to feel really good again!  Of course the triple digit temperatures did not help. But the last few weeks have been more productive!

I brought several scrap bins down and cut at the kitchen island. Have scraps cut into usable sizes now

                       That is only a few of the stacks before going into their respective containers

                      I also came across 16 partially finished string blocks that I had been working on before we tore apart the upstairs last year. They are now finished. I know I have some finished ones somewhere!


     I made 12 more Churn Dash blocks for the QWL block lotto. They are so much fun to make and take no time at all!


Since I was cutting more scraps I put together another Arkansas Crossroads Quilt
           I used a different background this time, a more colorful tone on tone. Really like it

Also made a sample block for the QWC block lotto. This quarter we are back to red/white/and blue colors

It has helped that we have been having a lot of hot weather. I have only ventured out when absolutely necessary. Have been inside sewing!

The girls have only ventured out when necessary too!

For getting a slow start to the month I actually got more accomplished than I thought I would!

See what others have been working on

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Monday, July 3, 2017

End of the month sewing update-June 2017

The first 6 months of 2017 are over! Not sure where the time went but Dad always said the older we get the faster it seems to speed by. I am certainly finding that true!

I was busy this month getting 420 2 1/2 HSTS in red and white ready for a swap later this summer. They will finish at 2 inches. Probably have about 520 done as I will need more for what project they will be used for. But I can say the ones for the swap and done and bagged.

Made another 8 blocks for the Quilters Who Care group on Yahoo. They are also red/creams/whites and scrappy. These will go to one of the members in Canada. She will put the blocks together for the soldiers there.  These are the 12 I will mailing to Canada later this week. Val will be putting these together with a lot of others for the soldiers in Canada. If I remember correctly she will be adding red maple leaves in the big white/ cream areas.

Started making churn dash blocks in brights for children's quilts. So far have 12 of those made.

My big project has been a Judy Niemeyer table runner. Rocky Mountain Bear Claws. Took a class for that at Honey Bee. The individual sections are finished but getting the arc right between the paw and claw section has been giving me some trouble. This will figured out.

Besides the sewing that landscape project is now finished except for us getting some plants in the ground. I am really looking forward to when I can say the driveway is new. The old one is really breaking up. That will be later but still this year!!!!! Then we hope to take a few years off from major projects!  We are both ready.

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