Monday, April 9, 2018

Design Wall Monday-April 9, 2018

It was a pretty good week around here with some time to sew! Galen left on Thursday to go with a friend on a bio-blitz in Del Rio, Texas. That is SW of San Antonio not far from Lake Amistad and the Mexican border. While I enjoy going along on some of his trips I am not great at climbing up and down canyons anymore. And yes we do have them in Texas!

Pecos River Bridge near Langtry, TX. This is where they hiked on Friday. We often stop at this overlook when in that area.

 Can't wait to see all his pictures, he has some new lifers and a few that are rarely photographed in Texas! Good trip for him-he gets home today and a great few days for me to spend time sewing and sorting through years of "stuff"! Tilly and Tiki did find it necessary to remind me that they were home and wanted to go chase squirrels in the back yard!

Earlier in the week I had watched a u tube video from Jordan fabrics-Jelly Roll Drag Race. Loved the way theirs turned out so decided to give it a go. They used a full jelly roll in theirs. I had a very tropical looking one that was a roll of 24 and decided to use it. It is not trimmed yet to even it up. I think I will add a border to the sides then one all the way around. It will certainly brighten up someone's day!

On this on they have you cut your strips in half and then insert a 6 1/2 inch strip when sewing them together. Then you get a diamond effect. The one they show in the video  finished is really nice.

You know those waste HSTS triangles we always make and cut off and save for another day? AS I said I have been sorting through years of stuff!  
I think the ones in the top bin are all Halloween. The bottom and assortment of what ever

Left overs from Pineapple Passion quilt. the Bonnie Hunter freebe

The bagged ones are from a red and cream quilt. The others from a lot of various snowball swaps. And yes there are a lot more than these!!!

As I was sorting through scraps and plastic bins I would need to take a break and sit for a while. A good time  to sit at the machine and make more Nine patch-Straight furrow blocks. I would sit and sew 2 blocks each time using the leader/ender method. This is a picture of 10, but 12 are made to add to the pile.

Almost forgot-got the first blocks made for the Kaffe mystery. No pictures, not every one has their kits! You will ust have to take my word!!!!

We had the upstairs (my sewing areas) remodeled in 2016 and am still going through stuff as I put it back. That means bins and bags of stuff. Earlier I had found a container of 2 inch squares sewn together in pairs. Could not remember why. Was it mindless sewing in the motel while they were making dust in the house or was there a plan. Earlier this week I found a bag from that motel stay and it had 2 of Bonnie Hunter's books with pages marked. I think I found my answer. I have a long way to go to get enough of these eventually into 9 patches but they will now be next to the machine and used as leaders/enders!  I believe I have mentioned I am not the most organized person in the world. Never will be but maybe better by this time next year! 

On another note-did get the tomatoes and some herbs finally planted earlier in the week. Also bought some new perennials for the beds. Looks like we have a good crop of butterfly weed sprouting again as well. Most of our new plants from last year made it through the really cold snaps we had but not all. Still giving the ones not showing life a little more time before we replace. Sometimes they surprise us and it just takes a little while to start leafing out.
Busy day a head and Galen gets back today. That means dinner!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

March 2018 Wrap Up

     First of all I hope that those who celebrate Easter and Passover had a blessed day .    For us it felt like the middle of the night going to 7 AM sunrise service. Still quite dark!

  March did go pretty fast. Of course being away the first week helped. We left Port Lavaca the morning of the 5th for Rockport, TX. It was a nice day for the drive. Before we crossed Copano Bay we stopped at Goose Island State Park near Lamar. They were pretty well up and running again after Hurricane Harvey. The campsites had just reopened that weekend. Drove down to the water and Galen got some pictures of the birds in the marshes. Then we went looking for the Whooping Cranes. We only saw a few this time but fun to see them again. Same field as in December. I had taken 2 quilts along to give to Jeanne at the quilt shop in Rockport. I knew she would be giving them to a place on the East side of the bay where we were. So we hunted it down. .Schoenstatt Shrine They are having to rebuild. We get back that way I would like to go onto the grounds. A lot of history.

                          Enough travelog, I should be talking about quilting too! While on the trip I did complete all the blocks for this quilt. You know the kit I talked about the beginning of March that was from 2005! Yes it is now a top. and at the quilters. (36 blocks)

I had made these blocks in February for my February block count but had not put the top together! Another top completed in March and at the quilters!

The Sparrow Quilt Company 2nd stashbuster pattern for March was called On the Rail (35 blocks)
 I decided since it was blue bonnet season in Texas and I had been collecting blue bonnet fabrics over the years it would be fun to use a little of those fabrics.  And took a picture of the quilt in the blue bonnets. It was a windy day so not the greatest picture!

I also can add 8 blocks for a mystery I am doing plus 9 more blocks for my Quilted in Love yahoo group (Nine Patch-straight furrow ) Others in the group who are also making the block have been sending them to me. This block challenge runs to the end of April. I will have fun putting all the blocks into quilts! My block total for blocks made is 88! I will take that.

I mentioned the blue bonnets are blooming. It is impossible this year for pictures to tell the story! They are something to see. Along the roads, in the medians everywhere you look they are in full blossom. And no year is complete without a few pictures of our girls with the flowers.

                                                  Linking up with Small Quilts Doll Quilts

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday night in Port Lavaca, TX

Getting this written tonight as we will be on the road in the morning and heading to Rockport for a few days. We drove down to Port Lavaca on Friday so Galen could hopefully get pictures of the Purple Sandpiper. He has been wintering here in Point Comfort across Lavaca Bay and that is unusual for Texas. It is another bird from the Arctic. We saw it Friday afternoon but did not get good pictures. Saturday was very windy and misting. No bird when we were in the area. Today was good! Lots of pictures so now Galen has another lifer as far as birds go. And it was a good day for other's as well.

I got to sew Saturday evening and this afternoon. Looks like I did not bring enough a long to work on. I have 28 of the 36 blocks needed completed. Guess I will have to do a little shopping in Rockport  at  Golden Needles and Quilts . It is really a cute shop and the owner is very nice.

Don't need much room to sew! Put bed risers under the coffee table in the room and I was good to go!

The last 8 sets

So far they are Tiki approved

The girls are great travelers. They get to spend a lot of time in the car.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 2018 Wrap Up

Surprisingly I did manage to rack up a quilt and some block numbers for February!
I made the Almost Houndstooth Quilt, a pattern from the Stashbuster series on Sparrow Quilt Co.
60 blocks

Then I started the Breezy Day kit from Fat Quarter Shop. The blocks are finished, quilt top not!
35 blocks

It is a mix of shades of blue and grays with white.

I am working on blocks now for QWL. We have a block challenge now until the end of April. Everyone will be sending their blocks to me to put into tops for donation quilts. I picked the Nine Patch Straight Furrows block from Quilter's Cache. Got 5 blocks made so far. The requisite is very scrappy, lights and darks! In other words use some of the stash we tend to have too much of! Here's my 5

I have one of my March projects and ready to take along to the coast tomorrow. Yep, leaving on another trip. I think this kit could be from 2005-2007! Yes, I am unearthing some long over due kits and projects. This will be great for someone who loves the outdoors.

As for our girls, Spa day tends to wear them out.

The do have a rough life! 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Design Wall Monday-February 26, 2018

Looks like I took some time off from blogging! But I have been busy!

While at the quilt show last month at South Padre Island, my sweet husband bought me one of the demo Martelli Work Stations. This is the mid size one and I am loving it. On  demo models you get a good discount. And we had the pickup so it came home with us. I am loving the adjustable height, easy to move casters etc. And it does come apart so we were able to get it upstairs where I wanted to use it!

 Advantage Work Station Kit
That's my everything gift for this year and then some!!!!!

And it has been getting used.

I have been following and also making the stashbuster quilts each month from  Sparrow Quilt Company If you follow this link it will take to you where I can see the one for March.

February's quilt was Almost Houndstooth. I was able to use quite a few layer cake pieces that were left over from other quilt tops.

                                                             This is my finished top

I have not decided yet on this month's Undone Stashbuster quilt pattern,Need to decide soon so I can take it along on our next trip. I have to have something to do in the motel room in the evenings!

I have also been working on a quilt kit from Fat Quarter Shop called Breezy Day. It is basically blue and white with some grays thrown in foe good measure!

2 of the 35 blocks needed.

As some of you know my husband does photography of birds and butterflies. There were reports of Snowy Owls in Texas this winter. They were spotted in 4 locations. Up until this year there had only been 8 sightings reported and none this far south or west in Texas. We took a few days and drove out to Odessa, Texas. I guess the Owl wanted to be among the oil fields! We stayed in San Angelo. Much less expensive to stay there and drive another 60 miles to go Owl hunting. We did find the owl. She was hanging out along a busy highway in basically a strip mall. Beautiful bird and very much worth the trip. By the markings they figure she is about a year old. She flew to the light standard in the mornings and perch there for the day. We walked all the way around the base of the light and she sat there and watched. it was hard to get a picture with her eyes open the whole way. She was facing the sun!

Tilly our black Standard poodle turned 11 on Valentine's Day. Hard to imagine!

They are both watching their waistlines so they shared a peanut butter/banana cupcake.

That is about all for me.