Monday, August 6, 2018

Design Wall Monday August 6, 2018

Nothing is on my wall at the moment! Yes, need to remedy that!

I did manage to get several quilts bound and 2 tops completed!

This is Arcadia.

This is the back. The back is actually green but the sun was bright when we took the pictures! This was machine quilted by Kerry from

                          This one is called Hashbrowns. It was a strip club from Honey Bee

                                                         And another great quilting job b Kerry

I had one left over block. Put it on the back. Can write a note on the light fabric.

This one is the last of the nine patch straight furrow made from blocks from members of the Yahoo group Quilted With Love. Tiki was not going to be left out of the picture!

I am participating on the Kaffe Mystery.  Late last week they gave this out this pattern to the participants. The pattern is Blue Bricks. As you see mine is anything but Blue!  It was fun to make and used up some of my scraps from other Kaffe Quilts.

I finally convinced Galen to hang a couple quilts at the front entry. We have too many windows in the house so space it very limited as to where we can display quilts.

    He did get one up yesterday afternoon. This one the Pattern is called Water Lily and I made it using Kaffe fabrics.

Today he will get the other one up. Totally different style. This one I pieced by hand. It is called Perfect Union.I took a 6 week class the summer after we moved here. This quilt had been hanging on the only wall in the living room however we brought a cabinet down from the second floor. Needed a smaller quilt for there now. 
This is my pride and joy and I want to see it!

That is about all for here. It has been hot and dry in our part of Texas.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

July 2018 Wrap Up

July has been a busy month around here. Mostly with inside stuff as we have had quite a few triple digits. I think all of the last half of the month.  Galen did manage 2 all day trips with friends searching for Dragonflies. They were productive trips. Good thing as both days  they had a heat index at 105 or above!!! The girls and I enjoyed the AC at home. They will run out into the yard, see what is around and then are ready to come back in. Early morning and late evening they like to be out. I think middle of the day they have no interest in  chasing squirrels!

One exciting thing happened-my Koala Cabinet arrived on the 24th.  Those cabinets are heavy and it needed to go to the 2nd floor

We do have a nasty turn at the top of our stairs. 2 guys came with the delivery, then they called a third and then a fourth showed up. The cabinets weigh between 500 and 600 lbs. They had the doors off and drawers out but still very heavy and awkward. The guys were very professional-did not want to damage cabinet or our walls. They did a great job.


  Probably the only time the top will be completely free of fabrics!

Put the nice big surface to use when machine binding quilts for Quilted With Love
Speaking of Quilted with Love these are the 4 quilts made from blocks that people sent. They are on their way to a chapter in NC.

I didn't get any farther along on my last cowboy quilt. Did get the July Kaffe mystery blocks completed. Guess that means I should get May and June made! Then I could say I was caught up!

Mailed off 7 completed quilts to Quilts of Compassion. And did get 2 more quilts bound. So all in all it wasn't a bad month for sewing! Now If I can get the thumb on my right hand to stop giving me problems I will be happy!

Saturday, July 14, 2018


The first 2 weeks of July have been busy! Actually making progress on the upstairs sort, toss and organize job. I even found the couch on the landing that had been piled with "stuff".

Now the girls have a place to hang out when they are upstairs with me. If Daddy isn't home they will come to see me. And having the couch covered means they are not underfoot.
 Also got our smoker going once again. 3 pork shoulders smoked for Buckboard Bacon. I pretty much follow my friend's Judy way of making it.

All sliced, packaged and in the freezer. It's good. Had some for breakfast this past week. Also smoked a brisket. So once was big pieces in the freezer are now in small packs!

I have also been getting a little sewing in-have to have some therapy! This is the quilt that was cut out and next in line to put together.
 My theme rows are done but need to sash them and finish putting the top together. This was a kit from Poppies in Georgetown. 2010 vintage! So not as old as the previous 2!
Also needed to get back to putting the block challenge blocks from Quilted With Love group on Yahoo.One of our missions is to make quilts kids. We doing block challenges this year. The first one
Nine Patch Straight Furrows
This setting is 4 x 5. This is taken on the design wall before putting them together. . Yes missing row 4 in the picture. Will get a better picture when pressed. This is top 2 from the blocks sent to me. Have enough for 2 maybe 3 more tops!

We had a rain event-that is what we call it when we haven't had rain for awhile. This was much needed.

Caught up this past week with a very good friend from our time in Taiwan and her son. Of course we went for Chinese food!

And for the final pictures for today! A friend sent me several red/white and blue tops to be quilted and delivered to a group here who take quilts to Ft. Hood. Since it is a lot less expensive to send tops and not the completed quilt I told Wendy I would get the rest taken care of. 2 are finished.
Wendy Owens here are 2 of them!

They will be delivered the next time the group meets at Honey Bee!
Enough for today. i still have more to do upstairs and want to get a lot done before my new sewing cabinet arrives-probably this coming week or the next!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What happened to June!

June was one of those months that came and went and very little sewing was done!

The beginning of the month I finished another very old kit from Honey Bee. It is a Christmas Cowboy quilt.

Also made a few heart blocks for heart hugs.

Then I have been playing with settings of  nine patch straight furrow blocks from my friends at Quilted With Love on Yahoo. Wasn't happy with this one

Ended up with this one. Testing border fabrics in this picture

Went our local family owned nursery and bought a few more plants for the more shaded area of our back yard

Our perennial Hibiscus has been blooming. Was happy to see it made it through the winter

Picked up a few rows for the 2018 row x row.

My push in June and still early July is to get my sewing  better shape. Have a new cabinet coming mid-July and would like to be somewhat organized by then! Trust me I will never be completely organized, not in my nature! But I do need to be better at it!!!!! 

Am hoping July will find more tops getting finished. I do have 5 to bind!!!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

End of May 2018 Wrap up

Surprisingly May ended up being a good month for quilting. 3 tops made, one even back from my friend Kerry who does my machine quilting!

                                                               This is Arcadia - 3rd top finished

The one I am working on now is another quick pattern called Just Can't Cut It. And yes another kit that is well aged! 

Needs the borders then it can be crossed off the list. I had made one of these before for my Dad. The main fabric was a fisherman print as Dad loved to fish.. Am enjoying this print-Cowboys and Christmas! It has a narrow green border and then the print again for the wide outer border.

One last project-made the 12 blocks for month 2 of the Kaffe Mystery

A friend sent me this cute bag. Will use it for projects when we take off for a few days.

My block count for the month of May is 88. I am following a blog where we report our totals for the month. Always kept count of quilts, not blocks. So this has been fun!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Design Wall Monday-a day late!!! (5/22/2018)

      Did not get my usual post done for yesterday so am playing catch up! Nothing new for me!!! It was a week of yard work mostly for Galen. We are slowly getting rid of our Asian Jasmine ground cover in the front. Yes, it looks nice, is not native and likes to climb walls and bushes. It is a pain to keep out of the shrubbery. So after 19 years it is getting torn out. My job was keeping the new sod watered! It is taking hold so we are hoping that after this month as can get back to our regularly scheduled watering days. I am cringing to think what this water bill will be; but we did need to sod some of the front yard!

On the sewing front, there was some success! I did finish the top I was working on. Hash Browns by Cozy Strip Club and a long overdue club project from Honey Bee. I gave it to Kerry yesterday to quilt for me.

Also gave her 2 quilt tops from my friend Wendy in MO. Kerry will quilt them and when finished I will pass them on to the Thank you Quilters. The quilts go to Ft. Hood. Not good pictures, was more interested in showing Wendy the backings I bought for them.

Will have better pictures when finished!

Since I finished the top I was working on last week and had been going through containers I was 
finding quilt kits that needed to be made. Thursday and Friday I spent the days cutting 4 kits.

Started kit #1 over the weekend. Arcadia is the pattern by Mountainpeek Creations. I do enjoy their designs. 

20 floral blocks

This is the pieced sashing. 

Playing with the layout as one of the prints is directional

Row 1 is done

As for our girls, Tilly, our 11 year old Standard had an appointment with the vet on Wednesday. She needed her teeth cleaned. She was still a little groggy when we brought her home later that afternoon.
She was a lot more alert about an hour after this photo and back to her ornery self by bedtime.

As for Tiki our 13 year old Standard she spent most of Wednesday sleeping or nuzzling her buffalo. She was missing her sister.

That was life at the Stewarts last week

Monday, May 14, 2018

Design Wall Monday May 14, 2018

It was a fairly productive week. I managed to bind another quilt. It will go on the stack to be sent where and when needed. My friend Kerry at did another great quilting job. Yes it is the same backing as the one I showed last week. One thing nice about using wide backings if the quilts are the right size you can get 2 on the same backing.

This next picture is a better one of the quilt I showed last week

I dug out another old strip club pattern and fabric from 2005. I think I pulled it out once before when we were remodeling the kitchen in 2014. Had some of it sorted and cut. But then the kitchen was done and it got put away again. Not anymore.
The Pattern is Hash Browns by Cozy Quilt Company. This will be a great guy quilt when finished

I laid it out on the kitchen island as I was also canning the last batch of sauerkraut! Sometimes I can multi task!

Done with sauerkraut now - another 7 pints and 6 quarts should last us for a little while. And yes, we do give some away!

All sealed and ready to get put away!