Monday, February 20, 2017


It has been a little while since my last post, but I have been getting a little time in at the machine! One of the online groups I participate in is doing a long term swap. Blocks are not due until early September but we all know how unexpected things crop up so I am trying to get a good start on those blocks. There are 13 of us playing and the blocks are 9 1/2 inches unfinished to 26 blocks! Our theme is summer and we are using  The Kitchen Woodbox from Quilter's Cache. Such a great go to site for inspiration!
                                                        I have more in the works.

                                                 It is pretty much Spring here in Central Texas. The weather proved that early this morning with some severe thunderstorms. We got to watch quite a lightening  show to the East of us  shortly after midnight. The Texas Laurel is coming into full bloom and my fern is back outside. Actually only had it inside for one weekend the beginning of January!  My Meyer Lemon is also in bloom.

About 2 Saturdays ago we took off and drove out to the Wildseed Farm near Fredersicksburg. We take back roads when ever possible. Several places we waiting for the cattle to get out of our way. Being as it was a Saturday they were busy but it was still a fun trip.

Am hoping there will be more to show next week. In the meantime

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February Quiltathon-Day 1

Didn't get to start sewing until early afternoon but did accomplish getting some blocks made. They are for Quilters who care yahoo group quarterly block lotto. They are done in sets of 2 and when the winner is drawn the end of March-the winner gets half the blocks and the other half goes to the person in charge to make a quilt for donation. This quarter the blocks are 12 inches finished and done in red/white/blue. Got 2 sets done today. Not sure i will get more made, it all depends on time and what else needs to be done. Still putting things away from the remodel. Need to keep plugging away with that.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Post 5-South Padre Island Quilt show-January 2017

This is the final post of pictures from the show. Hope you enjoyed looking at them. Some great incentive to get busy!! We could go around and Galen would say, I like that quilt and i would counter, yes I have the pattern. Now if I had nothing else to do?????

The man who made the quilts below used EQ7 with no lessons to design these. I love the creativity

This is another Judy Niemeyer pattern


they have this show every year in late January. Will keep checking their website

Next I start downloading some of Galen's pictures but not for a few days!

Part 4 South Padre Island Quilt show January 2017

Another installment

Another Labyrinth Walk  

You are going to have to wait for part 5, need to get something else done this afternoon!