Monday, July 3, 2017

End of the month sewing update-June 2017

The first 6 months of 2017 are over! Not sure where the time went but Dad always said the older we get the faster it seems to speed by. I am certainly finding that true!

I was busy this month getting 420 2 1/2 HSTS in red and white ready for a swap later this summer. They will finish at 2 inches. Probably have about 520 done as I will need more for what project they will be used for. But I can say the ones for the swap and done and bagged.

Made another 8 blocks for the Quilters Who Care group on Yahoo. They are also red/creams/whites and scrappy. These will go to one of the members in Canada. She will put the blocks together for the soldiers there.  These are the 12 I will mailing to Canada later this week. Val will be putting these together with a lot of others for the soldiers in Canada. If I remember correctly she will be adding red maple leaves in the big white/ cream areas.

Started making churn dash blocks in brights for children's quilts. So far have 12 of those made.

My big project has been a Judy Niemeyer table runner. Rocky Mountain Bear Claws. Took a class for that at Honey Bee. The individual sections are finished but getting the arc right between the paw and claw section has been giving me some trouble. This will figured out.

Besides the sewing that landscape project is now finished except for us getting some plants in the ground. I am really looking forward to when I can say the driveway is new. The old one is really breaking up. That will be later but still this year!!!!! Then we hope to take a few years off from major projects!  We are both ready.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Design Wall Monday-June 26, 2017

We had a couple very hot days in our part of Texas 100-102! Good days to be inside. Worked on our part of the landscaping project earlier in the week. But on the 100+ days I stayed inside, got a little sewing done.  Worked on my project for the class this past Saturday. However did not make it to class so am now trying to figure out getting the paws and claws together with the arc in between.
This pattern    Will get it figured out to where I am happy with it!

In the meantime I made more of the churn dash blocks using kid friendly prints and bright borders or at least different ones! They are really fun to make.

Mother nature has been nice to us since the sod went in on Friday. We had showers on Sat., Sun and today! But I think we will be watering it soon until it gets established. If you want to see pretty much the finished product
landscape project comes to a close!

Am hoping to get more time in sewing this week but we still to do more planting. There's always hope!

What have others been working on lately?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Landscape update-All done-June 24, 2017

Thus past Friday the sod arrived along with the guys shortly after 7 AM.

The guys got busy with the rototiller tilling up some of the hard clay we call soil!

They finished about noon. Good thing as it also got to 102 degrees for the high!

This is the area they were tilling in the earlier picture. Now fully sodded.

They cut the sod and placed it around the new flagstone walk in the back

We had them remove part of a limestone that was just under the surface when they were here earlier in the project. That spot is now grass as well.  Our job now besides getting some plants in the ground is keeping the new sod watered. Mother Nature  helped us out this morning by raining for about an hour. Hopefully we will get some more over the next few days.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Design Wall Monday-June 19, 2017

I surprised myself and did actually get some sewing in the past 2 weeks-mostly last week! I worked on my class work for the Rocky Mountain Bear Paw Table runner class. All 16 paws and claws are finished for class!

An online group I am a member of is doing a swap of red and white HSTS that finish at 2 inches. There are 14 of us and we are swapping 30 each. I finished those up, sorted and bagged them. They are ready for the mail out in August. I will continue to make more for me. We needed to use the papers for them and I had the Triangles on a roll here. Made it very easy.

Since I had the fabrics out for the above swap I made a few more lotto blocks for the Quilters who care group. These will be going to a member in Canada who is making quilts for their military.

It has been a busy 2 weeks here with workers redoing our landscaping and getting new walkways. That is just about done. Waiting on some sod but that is about it. When we moved here 18 years ago the trees were about 3 inches in diameter. They have really grown. A lot more shade in the yard now than sun. In Texas we will take the shade! A lot less grass now and more mulch and river rock areas! Get the driveway done later this summer then we are done. This is the 4th year we have had remodeling inside and out being done. The landscaping link will take you to the last update if intertested

See you next week now back to smallquilts design wall Monday

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Landscape-Part 7-Almost finished

Friday morning the landscaping crew returned. They got all the rock raked over to the walks in the front

Before lunch the trailer of mulch arrived for the back areas.

After everything was down they went around and checked the sprinkler heads

Now the mostly finished product

We have sod coming to fill in some areas around the flagstone and a few other places in the yard

Their job is almost done, ours just beginning. Deciding on placement of a few things and also plantings

One more project and we are doing it this year instead of waiting until next year. Our driveway is badly cracked, Later this summer the people who did our walkways will be doing the drive!

Landscaping Part 6 (Wednesday & Thursday)

Wednesday was the day to finish pouring the concrete for the walks. They got the rebar done in the morning and the truck arrived about 1 for the last of the pour. They used 6 yards on Tuesday and another 7 in this pour. A lot of concrete!

                                      These were taken early morning before the guys arrived.

Yes AC inside and humidity outside. Foggy lens

They got everything prepared. While they were at lunch we also took off for a little while. By the time we got back they had the concrete poured around our deck and had already moved the truck to the other side to pour the remaining walk

Yesterday they were pushing the wheelbarrow up hill, today down a little slope. 

The forms had been removed from the Tuesday's work and Charlie started the cross cuts

Thursday was clean up day. They removed the forms from Wednesday's pour. Charlie got all the cross cuts done. Then he power washed the top layer of dust off the walks.

After he finished and the guys got everything cleaned up and hauled off Alex stayed behind and did 2 coasts of sealer. We left Alex to his job and went out for an early birthday dinner for Galen. He birthday is the 18th but once in a while it falls on Father's day. We came home to a finished walk!

Charlie put a piece of PVC pipe under one section so we could have the extension cord for the Christmas lights. Galen has promised to shorten the pipes he added. Told him it looked like we had 2 periscopes sticking up!

I do love the Pride of Barbadoes plants-love the orange and reds

Tomorrow Friday the landscapers return!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Landscaping upgrade-Part 5.(Monday and Tuesday of week 2)

The first few days this week is the concrete work; getting our new walks.  They arrived at 7 AM on Monday and right to work getting the forming done.  We have a lot of walkway when you consider what used to be all the limestone around the the front to the back of the house on the one side. They got all the forms in the front done and part way around the side.

They were back at 7 this morning to finish up the forming and put down rebar. There was no rebar in the previous walk way from the street.

The concrete truck arrived about 1 and the fun began!

 Once it was poured they waited about 15 to 20 minutes to start the stamping process

They are putting on the top layer for the pattern.

He is using a big metal broom head and dusting the base with the second color

Then the stamping begins. He used several sizes of rubber mats that were texturized

And then tamped it down to get the imprint

This is what it looks like now. But on Thursday they will wash and then seal the walkways

We decided to go with an all over texture pattern as opposed to a brick look or flagstone look that we had first considered. We thought this would look better with the brick on the house and the river rock.

They will be back early in the morning again to get the rebar down in the back and then the truck will be here with the last pour.